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Custom lithium-ion batteries

Customized lithium-ion batteries for different applications

According to your application field, diverse similar project cases will be provided to you for reference at the beginning. Furthermore, if you can't find any ready model fit for you, we also can supply a FREE customize service.
Ebike Lithium Battery Manufacturer


Ebike battery covers 24V,36V,48V,52V voltage platform with capacity 10Ah,12Ah,15Ah,20Ah.
Fashion design,
Strong power.

Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery / AGV Lithium Battery Pack


Design multi-material battery technical scheme.Ensure excellent performance of 4-wheeler vehicles, AGV, Special equipment,Expedition Trailer, etc, for customers project.

motorcycle lithium battery


Moped scooter battery series standard models replace lead-acid batteries easily.
Meanwhile, the diverse scooter battery can be customized here as your request.



12V 48V LifePO4 battery with capacity 50Ah,100Ah,200Ah,
300Ah for RV, Camping, boat fishing and household energy storage. Up to 4 in parallel or series connection.

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About SmartPropel

Established in 2015,  SmartPropel is a professional lithium battery manufacturer and energy solution provider.
Supported by 3 production base, our main product line covers most lithium battery in diversity field, one-stop station for worldwide customers.
We start with environment-friendly production while adopting the semi-automatic flow operation mode to ensure good production efficiency. We strictly control every detail, insisting on not accepting incoming defective materials, not producing defective products, or not shipping defective products. Committed to the development of high capacity, high quality, high-performance lithium battery products.
SmartPropel, Propel your smart Life.
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17 National Patents
15 Years Industry Experience
260+ ready-made products
20,000㎡ Workshop Place


A comprehensive technical and professional team. Built a full-featured comprehensive laboratory.We have 5 patents for invention and 12 patents for utility model. Advanced technology makes SmartPropel has stronger competitiveness in the international market.


Leading team has more than 15 years of lithium battery field work experience, has rich management experience and extremely high team cohesive force. Production process strictly according to the ISO/TS16949 quality management system, ISO9001 quality management system.


Rich cooperation experience with High-end customer at abroad. Including BOSCH and VOLVO and other well-known enterprises to achieve strategic partnership. All lithium battery product have 1 year warranty in case any problems.


The company has most complete industrial chain, from battery cells to the Ebike battery, 2-wheeler vehicle battery,3-wheeler vehicle battery,4-wheeler vehicle battery, energy storage battery, outdoor power. Customers in SmartPropel can easily achieve one-stop shopping.

Buy lithium-ion batteries

Ready lithium-ion batteries For Selection

We have hundreds ready products for selection, you may find one model to satisfy your demand. If you are not very familiar with lithium battery parameter and have no idea of how to start.  Please don’t worry, we are very professional in lithium battery field and can support your project well.
Core Technology

The core technology of custom lithium-ion batteries

-40°C Ultra-low Temperature Usage Technology

Continuous and large current pulse discharge in -40°C temperature.

Ultra-High Discharge Rate Technology

Max.120 continuous discharge / 260C pulse discharge

Lithium battery structure

85°C Ultra-High Temperature StorageTechnology

Storage in 65°C,70°C,85°C high temperature well and pretty safe.

Ultra Quick Charge Technology

Realize 3C~20C charge, completely fulfill charge in 3~15 minutes.

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